CAP2看完后 后劲太大 至今没缓过来,甜的发疼???_(:з」∠)_,板子积了一层土„,还是无心画图,让我再享受享受电影的后座力。

顺便crossbones超帅哎XD非常有魅力哈哈哈↑伪一下Hydra杂兵(等着HT明年的Winter Soldier跟CAP出货www),如果有同好买一样的组队就好了!集齐10只可让队长满身大汉【并不会

bucky-heichou asked: Okay Johnny :3 have you ever see the new trailer? I think my feels are broken D'x I can't really i Can't TTwTT

 Absolutely,Lisa babe


How cold and gentle those grey-blue eyes are! Dramaticly emotional scene! I think he is looking at Steve? The memories of Bucky are washed away by those of Winter Soldier, and the acquired reflex (as Winter Soldier) forces him to throw the shield against Steve. Too many emotion hidden behind those eyes.

I am so worried about whether Bucky would remember everything in Cap2( Screaming


晒单【。收了冬兵系列的4本漫(又因超爱chris samnee 《The Life Story of Bucky Barnes》那本个人买了两本一平一精…不过说实在…还没电子档看得多…||||||||||

重点是 美队2新预告才是我想看的!!!(是是是第一版预告你也不是很激动?)384的灰蓝色眼睛太有戏了,无情时显得冰冷,但又可以很多情温柔TVT 这种演员个人自带细节上的戏剧化的效果非常非常棒,没有执着漫画设定被P成显得平稳得多的棕色实在感激,然后虽然一路被吐槽洗剪吹还是要比漫画的大妈头帅气得多【。直接拉出方向盘那里“BadAssMotherFucker”简单粗暴太够味道【。美队1被删掉那段战壕英姿(当时就是太屌被队里人吐槽:我恨这家伙233)就造巴基这家伙绝对天生杀手,费洛蒙熏倒眼【。导演兄弟档很懂的借队长之口夸(心驰)赞(            神荡     ):好大——力 (真是高招!拇指)随便一截就好黄【。↓↓↓


Steve ↑↑↑ can’t take it anymore, too big, too hard 脸 (请够 把造型颇具情趣用品意味的榴弹马赛克掉先【。



My friend translated this: 

this bucky is the best I have seen the boyfriend LOL Steve is super cute!sweet!yummy!, So I drew a part, all 28P ↑↓With some other things(Color&Special effects?) I think I only finished 5%?

the new trailer , excited for a long time, A period of time, and I can’t continue , OMG the winter soldier so sexy  amazing (LOL

bucky-heichou asked: Oh had a exam in holidays? D: Ouw My poor Johny, I hope you're very well darling awesome x3 *O* PORN!! hahaha sorry, i LOVE stucky Porn :3 you know, you has facebook or twitter maybe we can talk more x3 so be careful my sweet prince :3 Have a very very nice new year, <33333333

Thanks for calling me prince! I am flattered, it makes me feel charming(LOL).
I am not a boy though. I just like the name Johnny,

sorry! It’s disappointing that I am not able to use twitter or facebook.
They are not available in China.
If some day I disappear from tumblr, it’s probably blocked, tooLOL.(Not funny)

Anyway, I will try to figure a way back on twitter.,thank you babe<333333333

bucky-heichou asked: Merry chritsmas My darling, and happy new year, I hope you're very well :33 <33 I luv you

Merry chritsmas My babe!!! love you<3

The festive atmosphere make me happy x3 Although I didn’t have a holiday,  THE FINAL EXAM .yeah~~~I’M OK~

(ps:I draw on a “story”([pɔrn]Is about bucky/steve, want to finish as soon as possible, wait for me(<ゝω·)~☆

*Happy(0404) New Year(2014)! *

no lines

no lines

bucky-heichou asked: Darling I miss you <3 ;--; I hope you're very well

Babe U r SO sweet!<333333 I’m back now!Sorry,>_< My real life let me leave for a long time, I still enjoy  ”new trailer“……LOL  Can’t stop,OMG!I love your new avatar→ ”” *screaming*

bucky-heichou asked: Darling darling!! Have you ever see the new trailer of Captain America The Winter Soldier? Omgf! That was beautiful x'3

Yeah babe!I’m so excited ALL TIMEimageSo I can‘t do anything,only “agfffhjjkfa”image


imageJames  “Winter Soldier” Bucky Barnes YOU BAMF

Steve “Gorgeous" Rogers  I H8 U

Enjoy new trailer ,I can do this all day (& Many days

Anonymous asked: winter is coming


in steve’s asshole