croahtoun said: I LOVE YOUR BLOG OMG ❤❤❤❤❤❤

It sounds sweet ,Thank you so much

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l3tal15 said: You are an amazing artist. I absolutely adore your work!!!

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eternusmysterium said: Hello, friend, thank you for all your wonderful art! :D I didn't know I liked Thor x Steve but you made me love them. I am curious if we'll ever see Bucky Barnes (or Stucky) in your art style.

Sorry for replying late! I am so grateful that you get boarded of the HammerShield ship because of my fanarts. Now for me, they are more like soulmates to each other. The essential attraction of this ship to me, is that Thor would always respect and appreciate Steve, which is so nice.

Bucky is perfect, and The One to Steve, and vice versa. I like it when bucky being the best boyfriend of Steve (good-looking, humorous, gentle and hard to resist.)  Steve is definitly a Power bottom! tough, patient, knowing when to reject but being comprehensive and totally sweet. With the experience of Winter Soldier, I think Bucky has grown up a lot. I am desperate to see him in Cap3!! They are not going to torture each other but themselves, and then being tortured by the world( Marvel? or directors and writers?) So although I love to read those heart breaking fanfics, I (can) only describe how they love each other and being together. Sounds lame? LOL

Bruce…I’m sorry




Based on this fic:http://archiveofourown.org/works/893372/chapters/1724523

captainsourgummies said: Hi Skittles! I was inspired to write a short fanfic based on your gorgeous artwork, AU Bucky&steve. I've posted the fiction on AO3 and have linked to you accordingly. Please let me know if this is okay and if not, I will take down the fic immediately! Thanks very much; sourgummies

Of course it’s okay! Actually you’re welcomed to do so. Thank you for adoring my work and even writing a fic about it. It was awesome really.  Could you give me the link of your post? I would like to read it.